This is the soundtrack for Burtons 2013 rider video.
Tracks from the 2011 snowboarding film "Art Of Flight" plus other tracks I thought went well with the set.
the tracks that made the greatest snowboarding video of all time!
Combo of my favourite songs from The Art of Flight and Jake Blauvelt Naturally; plus a couple others

From the movie The Art Of Flight by Red Bull House Media. Motivational music while riding and skiing. Movie was released in Fall 2011. Available on iTunes.
Line up for snow bombing 2014 that Lewis should go see.
Music from Isenseven
For girls who listen to music while they ride. Check out this mix with female anthems and other songs to get you pumped up to hit the mountain with your chicas :)

Mountain Mix is the best ski\snowboard playlist on 8tracks! You'll find some of the best dubstep on this playlist as well as some of the radest shreddin tunes.
The second edition of "Mountain Mix" is here! Some of the dopest, newest dubstep and alternative rock crusing tunes are in this playlist! I hope you guys like it as much as I do!
Mountain Mix 3 is finally here! Featuring some artists you probably know and most that you hopefully don't...
Eighteen tracks including music by Andre Nickatina, Kendrick Lamar, and Curren$y. Enjoy.

Catz - 8tracks Playlist Downloader

Catz - 8tracks Playlist Downloader


Catz. Si tratta di un downloader delle playlist di 8tracks online...facile da usare! Basta copiare l'URL della playlist da 8tracks e incollarlo dentro lo spazio bianco di Catz, fare click sul tasto verde e il gioco è fatto!

Music from the motion picture. Feature music by A Tribe Called Red, Woodkid and Justice
Most songs pulled from Video parts and snowboard movies. Check out transworld snowboarding for some stoke. (update) added soundtrack for the new Helgason Brother's movie DTF! ENJOY!!!!
Songs to get you stoked in the park... Snow park that is. Mix includes rap, trap, and electronica.
Current playlist in the making for the upcoming snow season and to just get down to!

my personal favorite list to snowboard to
Sound of humming chairlifts, carving snow, and cold wind in your ears... Too bad you won't hear any of that because you'll be shreddin' to these steezy traaaacks! ;)
Standing on top of the freshly groomed run-in with a new coat of wax you are ready to drop. Whip out your smart-phone and plug in the headphones. This playlist will help add some style to those shifty 3's and buttery presses.
Wide array of music that can be mostly found in snowboard videos... but not just the T.Rice movies!! 33 Trax include, Ratatat, Stevie Wonder, and Jimi Hendrix. Also random dubstep Extra points if you know what movie?

32 tracks (don't call it a coincidence) to keep that momentum going, while maintaining a calm flow, whether up to your knees in back country powder, working the park, or levitating off of jumps just as a wizard might do.
Uptempo and high energy mix to go along with some aggressive snowboarding. Also good for the gym or any physical activity
You can find most of these songs from the sickest videos out this year... New track from IRPC 8 (In Progress).
probably the best mix ever. just sayinnn. perfect for you snowbirds who are ready for the season. create your own Art of Flight.

Snowboarding/Skiing mix feat. Wu-Tang Clan, some sick remixes, Bob Marley, and Bliss N Eso. jibby jib.
idk i've been working on this playlist for awhile now and now that he's one the bronze in slopestyle I thought I should put it together for him. Kinda the soundtrack to his life, i think :)